Meehal & Mongoose >> psychophysical transcripts <<

„In 1994 the eletronic sound world did influence the previous musical orientation of Mongoose in a victorious way. Thus already half a year later it was clear,
that it had to be at least one record player, since most of the fasctinating tonal material could only get snatched on vinyl. Another half year later a second record player was added and then the basic equipment for mixing purposes existed.
Meehal – already a good friend of Mongoose for a long time – also got infected by the fascination mixing and put on his according equipment as well.
With regards to their styles from the very beginning in many parts both slid together on one wave. From the Swedish Techno (Lekebusch, Beyer, Mull etc.) in the early 90s together they came to the progressive direction (Sasha, Digweed, Holden etc.) Over time few goa records always were part of their program.
Since 2004 their listening and playing habits centered on Goa- and Psytrance as well as on psy-oriented Progressive. From 2008 on they teamed up and started common a Psytrance and Progressive project:


In 2012 they publish their sounds on Ovnimoon Records. „Sonoric Depth“ was their first release and another one called „Temporalising Space EP“ was following in the beginning of 2013. More sound on this label is comming soon…

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